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02/2024 – TREASURE by Julia von Heinz starring Lena Dunham and Stephen Fry has its world premiere as part of the 74th Berlin International Film Festival. 


17.02.24        09:00 PM       Verti Music Hall (Premiere)

18.02.24        09:30 AM       Haus der Berliner Festspiele

18.02.24        03:00 PM       Verti Music Hall

21.02.24        09:30 PM       Cineplex Titania 

22.02.24        09:45 PM       HKW 1 – Miriam Makeba Auditorium 




Elephants can be sad, empathetic, joyful, and angry; they are among the few species which can cry. Elephants live with each other, fight with each other, and play with each other. They are inseparable. That is why they are the eponyms of our company. They symbolize the values we stand for.

We are the directors Julia von Heinz, Erik Schmitt, David Wnendt, and the producer Fabian Gasmia. We are an association of highly ambitious filmmakers, focusing all our energy on creating movies that are artistic, entertaining, and emotional. Our goal is to create sophisticated and intelligent stories that connect with a large audience.



Status: in post-production
Director: Julia von Heinz
Writers: Julia von Heinz, John Quester
Producers: Seven Elephants, Kings&Queens Filmproduktion, Haïku Films, Lava Films
Cast: Lena Dunham, Stephen Fry, Zbigniew Zamachowski
Distributor DE: Alamode Film
World Sales: FilmNation

Poland, 1990 – American music journalist Ruth takes her father Edek, a Holocaust survivor, on a journey to his childhood haunts, hoping to make sense of her family's troubled past. When Edek, reluctant to face his trauma, undermines their trip with his unpredictable and more eccentric than usual demeanor, Ruth is forced to challenge him and the values with which he raised her.


Status: completed
Director: David Wnendt
Writers: David Wnendt, Felix Lobrecht
Producers: Seven Elephants
Cast: Levy Rico Arcos, Aaron Maldonado Morales, Vincent Wiemer, Rafael Luis Klein-Hessling, Lucio101, Luvre47
Distributor DE: Contantin Film
World Sales: Moonrise Pictures

Seven days in the life of a group of 15-year-old boys in Berlin-Neukölln, as they search for weed, girls, and a way to steal their school's computers.

The film premiered at the Berlinale Special Gala 2023 and received four nominations at the German Film Awards 2023, amongst others Best Film and Best Screenplay. It won the price for the best ensemble at the German Actor Awards, the main price at the Festival of German Film in Ludwigshafen and the Günter Rohrbach Film Award for Best Film. The actor Levy Rico Arcos won the Bunte New Faces Awards for his performance as LUKAS. 

1.2 Million people saw SONNE AND BETON in German cinemas and it is now available on DVD, Blu Ray and Amazon Video.


Status: completed
Director: Julia von Heinz
Writers: Julia von Heinz, John Quester
Producers: Seven Elephants, Kings&Queens Filmproduktion, Haïku Films
Cast: Mala Emda, Luisa-Céline Gaffron, Noah Saavedra, Tonio Schneider, Andreas Lust
Distributor DE: Alamode Film
World Sales: Films Boutique

Germany is struck by a series of violent racist terror attacks. Luisa, a 20-year-old, joins a subdivision of Antifa to oppose the rising neo-Nazi movement. With her reckless actions, she not only fights against the extreme right but also tries to impress Alfa, an Antifa activist with whom she is secretly in love. Soon, things escalate, and Luisa and her friends clash over whether violence can ever be a legitimate answer to fascism and hatred.

The film premiered in the Official Competition at the Venice International Film Festival in 2020, and it was nominated as Best Film at the German Film Awards 2021



Kathleen Wnendt


During her media studies in Halle an der Saale, Kathleen tripped over a microphone, launching her unexpectedly into radio journalism. This quirky beginning led her to cover everything from theater festivals to rabbit shows, sparking a passion for sound and video. Her adventurous spirit propelled her into film, where she thrived as 1st AD on projects like David Wnendt's WETLANDS and LOOK WHO’S BACK, as well as serial formats like DRUCK alongside Pola Beck and the innovative vertical film noir SANTA MARIA by Erik Schmitt. Now at Seven Elephants, she dedicates herself to the practical fulfillment of creative dreams and champions young talent. Her streetcasting for SUN AND CONCRETE earned her the 2023 German Acting Award for Best Ensemble.


Clara von Berlepsch

Associate Producer  

Clara earned a Master’s degree in theatre and media production from Hildesheim University and worked as an assistant director before joining Berlin-based film production company Four Minutes in 2016. She worked as an associate producer for writer/director and producer Chris Kraus before joining Seven Elephants in 2023.


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10961 Berlin


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